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March 24, 2012


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Way Cool!...And Now Relieved.

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 24, 2012, 7:47 PM
  • Mood: Stunned
  • Listening to: Some weird humming noise outside
  • Reading: Nothing
  • Watching: Boring Sunday TV
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros Brawl
  • Eating: Doritos
  • Drinking: Coke
UPDATE: I just found out (to my relief to be honest) that the jacket thing listed near the bottom being made by another person is actually something completely different, so I don't know why the company mentioned another customer's order in mine. But I can, with a small amount of selfish satisfaction - say that I don't think anyone has got my design made yet. I'll keep that information below as-is though so the earlier comments remain in-context :)

Time I made a new journal as three events within this past week have finally given me something noteworthy to talk about. The first two are really cool and make me feel like my art is having a worthwhile impact in places other than just on here. The third...could be either really cool or really worrying, depending on the situation, so I'll put that one last.

:bulletblue: The Interview:
I won't ramble on too much about this since the interview itself is long enough as is and I don't actually expect anyone to read it all (even my own dad didn't :lol: Though he already knows what makes me tick anyway so there was nothing new to him) But I was interviewed here. Kinda long, but if anyone is curious to what I use, how long I've been doing this, what my inspirations are etc it might be an inspiring read :reading:

:bulletyellow: The CD Cover:
Last weekend I got a massive surprise when I saw a CD cover artwork I did as a commission a while back (not uploaded here) actually being sold in a local music store. Took a while to make it here, but I wasn't even expecting that, so it was a really surreal experience which I haven't had before (I actually thought someone stole my work at first until I recognized the band name shortly after picking it up, so don't worry, it's not stolen ;)) A picture of it and full story here.
Commission: Symphonia CD by priteeboy

:bulletred:The Jacket:
What I learned today about this one has given me such a mix of opposing emotional fronts that I feel like I have a tornado of confusion, excitement and a little concern forming inside of me and like a real one, who knows what the outcome would be, could be an amazing sight, or a disaster. So what happened?
Rockstar Leather Jacket Design by priteeboy
Well I got a response from a custom jacket-making service about this when I asked about it. The price is understandable for their level of quality and for how much detail the jacket has. But let's just say it wouldn't be a responsible purchase for me at the time ^^; Anyway, that's not it. It turns out that they said "We have a customer in Japan who is having the same jacket made" and that struck me harder than the price estimate since I was not expecting that at all :O I don't know what to say, part of me is like "wow, cool, this jacket is going to exist somewhere in real life!" but a bigger part of me is pretty bummed that the lucky owner of my jacket design isn't even going to be me, but some (obviously loaded) dude in Japan. It also worries me too, are they just a fashion lover or motorcycle rider who wanted a cool jacket? or are they a Jrocker, a performer, a fashion designer or company owner themselves who could go around saying that they are the one who designed it and had it made? :( I suddenly can't help but feel some remorse for uploading it to the world, but at the same time I had to since I thought it was a good way of proving it's mine :judge:

Anyway, I asked the jacket makers if they could be kind enough to send me pictures of it before they send it to their very lucky Japanese customer, just so I could at least see how it looks. And if the person getting it made is kind enough to remember me and see's this, I would love to get in contact with you too (don't worry, it's not a bad thing unless you're claiming the design as your own, I just think it would be cool to see who got it and what you think of it! :wave:)

Only time will tell I guess. I suppose I'd better upload the sleeveless jacket design too to also claim that as "being on here before anywhere" :laughing:

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ISolitude Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
I thought I was already watching you and you were just very quiet :XD:
priteeboy Featured By Owner May 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think I've seen you before. I rarely go a month without doing something though :)
ISolitude Featured By Owner May 2, 2012
I know that I have seen you before on the forums. I thought I watched you though. I hope you like constructive criticism.
senses--fail Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012   Writer
Wow, congratulations on the interview! Must admit, I'm a crappy watcher and sort of skimmed it, but it seems like good publicity for your work - maybe you'll get a commission or two out of it, hey? ;)

Must've been crazy exciting to see your art on a CD cover in a store. I would've had some crazy squeeing moment, bought it and yammered to the poor cashier for ten minutes about how happy I was. :facepalm:

As for the jacket, it looks pretty damn awesome I gotta say. Not a huge fan of the red - looks a little too sporty-douchey for my taste. If I got one I'd want it in all black, or maybe black and white. :giggle: A bit weird about the Japanese guy randomly mentioned on the site. Guess it's a relief no stranger's going to be stealing your design, but it's gotta be sort of disappointing too! I bet if someone DID buy one of your jacket designs off the site you would probably get some percentage of the profit, too. Which you could probably put towards getting one for yourself. :laughing:

Anyway, how've ya been? I was living like an Amish person for over two weeks with no internet, so I've got a lot of catching up to do! ;p
priteeboy Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That interview was very long, they asked a lot of questions, That's why I just put it there for show, rather than expecting people to read it. But if people ask me redundant questions about what I do and how I do it I guess I can show them that to save time. If they cared enough to learn they'd read it :nod:

It was hard not for me to brag to the employee about the reason behind buying that CD, but at the same time I so often witness people talking to others on their job about their pathetic little lives and accomplishments and I know the employee's really don't care. So I'm not the kind to talk to them much since they have a job to do and there's other customers waiting, I'm sure they have those as their top priorities at the time ;)

Well I wouldn't have gotten a percentage of the profits since it's not like I have submitted my design to anything, and the companies just make whatever jackets people request, even ones from movies or magazines, and there's no way of crediting those. The company can't be held responsible unless they actually claimed the design as one of their originals :shrug: So far though getting one is still an unrealistic goal, I'm almost out of options and everyone so far has either asked for an arm and a leg or just didn't respond to my question at all (very rude! if I'm not interested in a commission I at least tell the person! :disbelief:)

And that's everything of interest that's happened in my life lately, but it sure beats going two weeks without internet :nuu:
senses--fail Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012   Writer
Hehe, I bet there's plenty of people who read it all the way through. How exactly did the interview work, anyway? Did they just e-mail you all their questions and wait for you to type out the responses and send it back?

If people start asking you vague, confusing questions about your inspiration you can just spam out that link rather than trying to come up with a nice response! :dummy:

Hehe, well I guess you do have thousands of people online to brag to, right? ;p Personally, I don't mind when people start telling me random crap about their lives when I'm at work. I mean, most people lead dull, bland and boring lives, but it's still more interesting to hear about that than zoning out while weighing bananas and broccoli. :laughing:

Kind of sucks that you wouldn't get a cut, right? I guess you would probably have to set up some kind of design contract or copyright or something with the site. I would be much too lazy to e-mail them about it, then call them to follow up on the e-mail and all that crap. :yawn: What's the ballpark price ranges you've found so far? Custom design probably is quite expensive, especially with shipping to Australia. Crappy that some people didn't even bother responding - I guess it's for the best though, if they can't be assed to message you back they're probably not the most reliable people to be paying hundreds of dollars. :shrug:

Agh yeah, I felt really bad people got worried about me. I didn't have a choice in the matter and there wasn't really any warning ahead of time for me, so I didn't have a chance to tell any of my friends that I was alright. Normally I don't go on hiatus without a warning to my watchers first, because when a friend you've never met personally just disappears off the face of the internet, it's hard not to assume the worst. Scary to think that someone you've known for years on dA could just....disappear one day, with no explanation or goodbye, leaving behind a graveyard account and a lot of sad friends with no closure. :(
priteeboy Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, I too would be one of those few employee's that would actually chat with the customers too (only if no-one else is waiting, since that is rude and very annoying if you are the waiting customer) I'm sure a lot of people would tell me about their mediocre jobs or their kids or whatnot, but even out of stuff like that I can find a well of at least some relevant feedback to tap into, even if just enough until the customer moves on :) Though I don't have a job yet ^^;

I wouldn't know where to begin trying to get my designs attached to a real fashion making company, I have no experience or expertise in that, for now my design is just still for personal use ;)

I once had to leave dA without warning for 2 weeks too a few years ago, it sucked and I wondered if anyone was wondering what happened to me (though I had way less watchers then ;p) But like you, if I was going to be away from here for any longer than a week, I would pre-warn people. I know heaps of people disappear for weeks at a time here (one person on my friends list has been away for 21 weeks! and that's just out of the quarter of total deviants that actually made their activity visible!) but for me, even going 2 weeks without any logging in would be highly unusual :O I also fear people not knowing if I have died should that happen by accident before I get to warn people here. Then again, it's a good time-capsule that shows you as you really were before it happened, it's better to be remember that way :nod:
senses--fail Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2012   Writer
Yeah, at work I can be quite chatty if the customer's friendly, but I'm pretty quiet if they're mean, or if they don't speak much English. And yes, that is really common at my job. You get to know the regulars pretty well, like this guy that comes through every few days and buys a cartful of milk for his coffee shop. Random question, in Australia do you call them trolleys? :giggle: Bahaha, when you say you don't have a job yet does that mean you're planning on getting one eventually? :la:

Yeah, I guess that's another important part of going to fashion school - learning where to get started and making connections. I don't know much about the industry, but it's probably pretty safe to assume that it's just as much about who you know as what you know. :shrug:

Bahaha, an internet addict like myself rarely strays far from dA longer than a day, unless I'm feeling lazy after work and go straight to bed when I get home. I've actually barely made it on dA at all since I've been back home, and it'll probably take months for me to even make a dent in the avalanche of messages I currently have. :facepalm: I bet at least a few people noticed you weren't around and wondered where you went - whenever I don't see a forum regular around for a few days I get a little worried and check their page.

Man, I have someone on my friends list who has been away 91 weeks - literally since the night I first got deviantART. He was the first person I met and he was really friendly, so I added him to my watch. He mentioned he was high at the time, which was kind of freaky because I tend to stay away from that scene. But he hasn't logged in since. It's weird, I still look at his page every month or so, wondering if he died of an OD while his browser was open, writing a reply to some stranger over the internet. It still disturbs me just to think about. :shrug:

And I can't stand people who hide their activity and their last visits. I can't really explain why, but it just....really annoys me. :chainsaw: Like people think they're special and important and that some creepy stalker is obsessed with them and they have to hide their activity. Random rant....hmm.

Seeing a dA account as a time capsule is a cool way of looking at it, I guess....probably much more honest and complete than anything someone could put together in real life. Still, I have so much weird drama and pretentious rants on this account, it's kind of embarrassing. :laughing:
priteeboy Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, we call them trolleys. I kinda wish we would just use the American way of saying things since our culture has molded to theirs enough in many ways as it is, so I don't know why we still continue to use our own silly words for things. Like how we called flip-flops "thongs" - which I can imagine would be the cause of confusion for anyone else, as you are bound to encounter a lot of both at the beach ;) But Just to not stand out here I just live it it and call them thongs, or trolleys and so-on, I guess it's easy for me since that's what I grew up with :shrug:
I want to get the same job as my brother, the bastard's first "real" job pays more by the hour than everyone else's job that I know, he works at a local club and it sickens me to see him burning away his generous earnings on crap...I'm a good saver, I'd be loaded by now if I got that job, and would easily be able to afford to buy that custom jacket too without guilt :shakefist:

I wouldn't bother with that many messages. The older they get the less incentive there is to answer them. Many people forget what they even commented on a few days later, so only the fewer, better ones are still worth answering. But even then - after a few weeks or months they probably don't care anymore :p

I always keep my activity visible for those reasons you mentioned in the last few paragraphs. If something were to happen to me - no-one would really know (at least not until after a very long time) that I was sick or dead with my activity hidden. At least with it shown people can still see I'm alive and using dA. So even if I haven't made a new artwork or journal for months, there will still be fresh activity in comments and forums that people can use to know that I still come here a lot :D If someone I watched had no logging in for 91 weeks, I would assume they are dead, or on a very long work leave (like the military) or more likely - just over dA and never coming back :movingon:

I think people who hide their activity seem to be trying to feel "special" too - either that or they are doing something that warrants being ashamed of :evileye: I saw these joke-rules about dA once, and one said "All the cool kids sit their activity to hidden" - I laughed since that's why I think many do it, they're trying to seem mysterious and cool for some reason :facepalm: As for stalkers, I can see why models or people who are controversial may get stalkers either obsessed or somehow seeking revenge. But the average artist? who would want to stalk them? And even if so, what harm can they do online if they have no hacking skills? I sure wouldn't be scared if someone was obsessed with me on here if they were all the way in another country. It's not like getting here would be cheap or easy, and even then - they would only know my town, not my exact address :lol: People are so quick to call others "stalkers" these days, and I think it's so they can feel special :disbelief:
JustAnotherNinja Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hey that is really cool about the jacket! It's not just art anymore, someone's going to show off your creation to the world :D (In Japan) I hope the buyer is nice! I really want to see it after its made!!!!
Ah and congrats about the interview and CD cover!
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