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September 6, 2006
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priteeboy, Matthew by priteeboy priteeboy, Matthew by priteeboy
The original picture which is going to be modified for My ID. But this here is the proper, individual artwork itself without interference. I really just wanted something nice and calmer than most of My intensely colourful artworks So I used more natural colours for this one and has become one of My personal favourites.
And if You havn't already guessed, It's based on Me. I wanted it to resemble Me in some way. Hope You like it.
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inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Now this is an example where you have brought him alive and given him personality. His face has a story to tell. I suppose it helps already knowing yourself.

The color palette here is beautiful.

And yes, he is a very pretty boy.
priteeboy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, I see you started from the older works first, something more people should do actually, it's interesting to see how an artist progressed.

This is better than the other since I actually looked at a character for the face idea (looking at reference pics is what I should have done on the other, but I didn't ^^;)

This character is really supposed to be me in a slightly manga-styled way...though I think his skin and hair came out a bit too perfect for a real person :lol:
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Well, I cheated today. I skipped ahead, but I will be back in a few days. I start at the beginning specifically to to share the artist's journey.

My gallery will yield no such thing. Most of my work is long gone. I started in pencil and charcoal, then went into metal sculpture and metal art pieces, blah, blah, then watercolor, then photography, blah blah, then digital art, then Graphic art, then typesetting. You get the picture? I am a jack of all trades and a master of none. xd I have tried just about everything and had a like of fun doing it. It is the learning of the skills where I get my greatest satisfaction.

All of this did result in me understanding enough to know good art when I see it, and I can appreciate it even more understanding the skill, imagination, and creativity that goes into every piece of art here. More importantly, the passion and drive of all of us to find, recognize and create beauty, and express the human story, the emotions, and drives of the human spirit. Every form of art has its place of respect and appreciation.

I am an expert in pain, and even the expression of pain in art can be beautiful, despite the agony it represents.
priteeboy Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok then, fair enough, anyone is allowed to visit my gallery at anytime,(except art theives :shakefist:) you'd best not rush if you havn't got the time :sprint:

Hmm, I like the term "jack of all trades and a master of none" There's been times I've wanted to describe people who are all-rounders and havn't been able to. Still, I think there's advantages to both types...the kind who is good at eveyrthing, or the kind whose great at one thing, either way, they both sum up to an equal amount of opportunities, just in different ways :handshake:
I to have tried several differnet mediums in art, even thouhg my whole gallery (except one) is digital. I've had access to digital painting programs for about 7 years, way back when I had a primitive one where I used to work on a tiny resolution on the family's slow, bulky Windows 95 model :laughing: It wasn't until I came here almost 3 years ago (and aquired better programs and faster computers) that i started to take digital art more seriously and it became my "main"...Before that, I've done plenty of traditional drawings, paintings and crafts too, I'm glad I did, since like you - the fact I've had experience with several different art forms means I can appreciate different styles more (though I could never warm up to metal works...I was too scared of injuring myself on the machinery :shh:)
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Are you confessing to using a PC?

I am like a bee flitting from flower to flower to taste of the many nectars. I love creativity and I love learning how to do things, especially with my hands. I copied the following list from my journal to give you an idea of the variety. Some of these things I got very good at, and some things not so good at, but you only find out when you try. My biggest problem has been that I work too slow. I have spent the most time in metal art and in computer art. NOTE: I make no claim to be a master artisan:

- Worked in charcoal, pencil, pastels and watercolors (I only dabbled in acrylics).
- Metal sculpture and art, using brazing, silver-solder, arc-welding, gas-welding, oxygen-acetylene torch, benders, etc. (steel, bronze, copper, nickel, gold, silver, aluminum, brass)
- I was an apprentice machinist for a year and did some really fun work with milling machines, presses, and lathes, working metal like a maniac.
- Jewelry casting in gold and silver (design, mold creation, and cast--sand/lost wax molding & vacuum casting).
- Jewelry: bolos, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets in Austrian crystal, custom gold and silver.
- Designed and created silk-screens for printing multi-layer art.
- Photo and page lay-up for magazine and newspaper; Color separation for press, lithographic press plates, color management, etc, for press production.
- Design for Magazine and Newspaper: Ads, brochures, corporate logo, manuals, etc.
- Darkroom (as in dark, film, chemicals, enlargers) photographic effects.
- Ceramic vases, bowls, cups, plates, etc. (messy but loads of fun)
- Glass & ceramic Mosaic tile art (super fun) (floor, wall, tabletops).
- Stained glass (quickly became way too tedious for me)
- T-shirt Iron-on designs.
- Book illustration.
- Technical Drawing (Engineering and Electrical), Blue-prints, technical drafting.
- For fun, I have made three American Indian drums of stretched hide and sinew, and did some driftwood art.
- And the most fun of the all, Glass Blowing, but I could not devote enough time to it. If my health was not failing by then, it would have become a passion. I am an avid collector of glass art.

At creating Original art on the computer, you have me beat, except for figure drawing, which I am sure you will master soon enough.

Live long and Prosper. XD
priteeboy Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, that's a lot :omg: almost every art-form under the sun. I bet the glass-blowing would have bene interesting, I recently saw a little documentary on how that was done on TV, and the results are beautiful :love: and the methods to get formal patterns like stripes and pots are very ingenious too :idea:

Yeah, Figure drawing will always be hard for me...some artists naturally have one thing they can easily do better than other things, in my case it will be landscapes, and that one thing usally comes quite quickly to the artist...of course, we can all learn the other types that are out of our normal feild, it just takes longer :p I sure know I won't be any ~ceruleanvii any time soon :faint:
inspiredcreativity Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
There is something really elemental about glass work, all that fire, molten silica, forming it partially to our will. I have glass paperweights where amazing techniques are used to create things like ocean corals.

Here is a secret method to get iridescence in glass: With the glass still red hot, throwing carbon dust on the glass, then adding another glass layer on top, will give iridescence inside the glass, wherever the carbon dust was applied.

My father is a figure drawer, amongst other things, and he said he put in countless hour during and after University, to get it right. I think he has a talent for it, since he can also sculpt and carve statues and busts, but he had to learn it and practice it.

You don't really need to all of that but the basics would really help. It is especially true for the human body in motion.

To practice you figure drawing, it should be done as nudes, to understand how the muscles and tendons change in different motions and positions. when you go to draw your figures later with cloths, your underlying human structures will be correct.

Here is a DA for male figures in about every possible position you can think of, including all of the classic greek and roman positions. felixdeon : [link]

His actual drawings (Warning-it may make you blush): [link]

For female reference (including nudes): double-crow-stock [link]

Practice, practice. The fun part comes when you get to use live models...

I tell ceruleanvii [link] that I bow in homage at her alter of creativity, and that she is THE Goddess of human figure painting.

Here is another: geirrodvandyke [link]

And Another (it reveals my taste): valerhon [link]

Hey, I gave you female references, I am sure you can find more...

Anyway, PRACTICE. Start by drawing in pencil before moving to the computer.

References are the best you can do with live human models. I have a reference book just for hands, showing hands and fingers in hundreds of positions, as well as head, face, and body references. There is nothing wrong in using them.

priteeboy Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool, thanks for the links, I never intended on going that far, and at the risk of sounding silly, I guess I wasn't all too crazy on nudity in art, no matter what gender the subject is. But maybe I'll change over time. I'm sure whatever path I end up taking would be the one best for me :)

Oh, I never knew ceruleanvii was a female lol...I always pictured that person being a guy for some reason :shrug:
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miss-mustang Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2008
I think the hair could be a bit more blended but I like the background
priteeboy Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, yeah, this was done two years ago, I was kinda new to drawing hair, though you can see I picked up on that, I noticed you looked at my "Cloudy Daze" picture too, and the hair on that is similar to this, but much better shaded ;)
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