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December 31, 2010
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Partying in Silence by priteeboy Partying in Silence by priteeboy
A bright and lively space scene to top off the year as I have been doing each year since joining deviantART. This one also tops off the whole decade so it can be considered even more special, even though I left myself with little over a day to do it all :sprint: But it was fun to do and stress-free compared to most of my other works these days. and one of my favourite themes of course. Ten years ago I was drawing the exact same stuff...often in crayon :giggle:

I was planning on even more colours, but I think I'll do that for a nebula-only piece one day. Scenes with planets just don't look as good with every colour in the spectrum. After much experimentation I got this really sick green/purple combination that may not be realistic, but makes a stand 8-)

So like, that's it, a nice space scene, especially since I've been neglecting the genre lately, though something tells me I'll never get sick of it :D

Artwork is my own copyrighted imagery and is not to be used or modified by anyone without my permission
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I like this so much!!! You have done it yet again. It has gotten cold here and yet again I have been sick, I am out raking so much and fail to look after my own health. But we have collection dates and I try to get all the leaves out so they can be picked up. Anyway, your worlds look inviting. I am enjoying the journey and I know you will have more worlds for us to visit.
priteeboy Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I indeed do have a lot more world ideas to share. I don't think I'll ever run out, not with so many variations I could choose from :plotting:

The weather here has sucked, it may not be cold and rainy, but we'd be lucky to have a few days without gale force winds in the past two months. Wind is my least favourite of all weather types, it offers nothing but a constant mess to clean up outside :doh:
We may be getting what is called a "November Witch" here. It is a storm over the Great Lakes that at times can have Hurricane force winds. Our temperature is expected to plunge by 30 degrees and go from a regime of warmth and Thunderstorms into a one of wind, cold, and snow. It really depends if all the elements come together precisely. It surely will blow what leaves I have not been able to collect all over the place and that makes for a rather sloppy and slippery trek on either foot or in a vehicle.
priteeboy Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The Great Lakes sound slike an amazing place (landscape-wise that is) after hearing that they even have waves like a beach does, with sand and everything I found it so bizarre that a body of fresh water can behave so much like a sea. We sure could use one in the middle of Australia, turning this country into a donut-shape land :giggle: It may help cool down our climate and make it a bit less dry :D It's been cold and rainy here the past few days, unusual for this time of the year, but I consider it a blessing, this place needs whatever rain it can get, and I was getting tired of staring at a brown lawn ;p
Right now as I type this, the wind is blowing upwards to 50 miles per hour and we have the very real possibility of Tornadoes--long lived and long tracked also arising. The temperature is 20 degrees above normal. These storms, called November Witches race across the Great Lakes and sometimes intensify and can whip up waves 18-24 foot in height on the lakes. They move across the area at express train speed and can take down tress, utility poles and what ever else gets in the way. The Tornadoes are the main worry as their destruction can be total. We live by a siren so if it goes off we head to the lowest part of the house and huddled in the most central room without windows and wait. Not all the leaves were collected so they blow up into like dust devils with the wind and are all over the place. We just sit and wait and hope no falling trees come our way. This happens in November and again in early Spring and can last into the Summer. While we don't get hit as frequently as other areas--like Oklahoma, Kansas, or Illinois we get our share--it only takes one storm or tornado to obliterate an area. After its over, they just race through in about an hour, the temperature will crash and snow will fall although this snow won't be an accumulating one, still too warm ground-wise and not enough moisture to support a full fledged snow storm although the area just south of us got 13-17 inches of snow last week--very localized--Lake effect snow that only stretches for a few miles. Only a few days from our Thanksgiving Holiday. Crap! the alarm just went off-- Waterspouts sighted on the lake--Tornadoes over water, usually they don't come ashore but that doesn't mean they can't. Well, going to have ride this out, the winds is really starting to kick up, talk to you later.
you could also have called this Rainbow World, it's so colorful!!
priteeboy Oct 31, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might save that title for a day when I decide to create a rainbow-coloured landscape piece :pills:
WallHaxx Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Teh Colorz O.O
RetardedxVampire Oct 16, 2013  Professional General Artist
this is extremely beautiful!
Trinitas127 Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
All of that green and purple, it BURNS but in a good way. The other shades of blue (even a touch of some red) make this piece stand out more. (If that's even possible ;P)
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