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Been drawing almost daily since I was a toddler, I tried digital for the first time in 2001 but didn't adopt it as a serious and regular medium until coming here and working harder at it in 2006. I have invested thousands of hours and dollars in this hobby just in the past few years alone - please don't steal what I've dedicated everything I have to perfecting :police:

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Barely into the 3rd month of the year by now but as of late it seems that 2015 is going to be a very generous year for me if things keep up :D After just a week being back from a short but enjoyable absence that almost went bust but didn't, I had to face the day I was dreading for ages - the day I finally took my driving test. I'm sure I speak for many artistic types when I say I (and probably many of you guys too) aren't naturally the driving kind. We artists tend to prefer to avoid leaving the comfort of our own creative spaces :shifty: But out of recent need to know how to drive (and way too many years slowly building up to it) I thought I'd try my luck and go for the test. If I wasn't skilled then I was damn lucky since I made it on my first try :w00t: Then again, seeing how some other people are on the road - I had a feeling I couldn't possibly be that bad. But nailing something like that on my first attempt felt pretty damn good :winner:

I even planted a commemorative palm tree in a vacant spot in my garden today to mark the day I did the thing that everybody thought I'd never do, including myself :D
And to make it even better, these Badass Boots by priteeboy arrived. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a giant package waiting for me, knowing I got something really cool and unique in there waiting for me. Gotta find a place where I can wear these bad boys now :plotting:

Well, enough gloating for now. I have art to finish. Gallery's looki'n a little dry at the moment :ohnoes:


Matthew Attard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Throughout my life I have always been a very visual and creative person. So developing an interest in art was practically in the bag, starting out traditionally for many years as I grew up and then converting to digital since I favoured that more. I've had very little professional training particularly in 2D, much of which I have just picked up through my own self experimentation. I learned some remedial 3D skills from a course though, But I'll always know more about 2D and don't consider myself to be a "true" 3D artist, often my 3D is mixed with 2D for maximum effect.
I take a shine to anything that looks interesting, probably why I see such fascination in the natural world. But I even get inspired by games or fashion etc in regards to character drawings especially, That's where the whole Final fantasy/Japanese love comes in!

I'm usually a hobbyist artist for most of the time as I do not work for any studio's or companies. I do commissioned works as the offers come (I can be e-mailed regarding that) But nothing beats doing art for your own personal enjoyment!

If off-dA viewers wish to contact me regarding commissions, features etc, e-mail me at:


Earth's Engine Exposed by priteeboy
Earth's Engine Exposed
It's rare for me to have the time to create something the moment I get inspiration anymore, but I couldn't help but start on this the day I found out (thanks to one of Google's neat little home page animations) that it marked the 127th birthday of Inge Lehmann - a seismologist who had revealed from her studies the nature of the earth's deepest secret (literally) - the presence of an inner and outer core. I noticed that about a week ago, so this pic is late, but hey - it's not like the earth can be created in seven days :paranoid:

Interestingly, the iron inner core of the earth is said to be as hot as the surface of the sun, yet completely solid due to the pressure of the weight of everything above it even though it is way beyond melting temperature. The outer core however flows more like a liquid, the rotation of which contributes to the invisible yet valuable magnetic field that extends beyond the earth a lot further than the atmosphere does, as well as providing energy for a whole bunch of other geological events that both destroy and create. One could say the earth is only alive on the surface because it's alive on the inside. And that's why geology rocks ;)

Creating this was a tough decision between choosing what seemed real and what seemed cool. I decided to go for cool (yet still at least accurate to the many diagrams I've seen of this stuff since I was a little kid) as such a clean-cut view of any planet is likely never to happen so in a way I went for something that better matched the simplicity of those diagrams seen on school projects the world over, only with an added sense of epicness to it 8-)

Artwork made and copyrighted by me. Please do not use or redistribute my images without permission
Platinum Gaze by priteeboy
Platinum Gaze
Not sure if title is really cool or really lame :paranoid: But this self portrait was taken on whim on a day I was particularly happy with how my hair looked and I figured it would make a decent new ID for my profile anyway since it's a more current representation of me.

Not a very exciting upload after all this time of no new material, I know. But I do have some more stuff on the way very soon :)

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All right, dude, I'll say it: your art is so awesome that it's like science fiction in its purest, most original form.  Keep it up!
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Shut up and take my watch, Cloud Strife!
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Your art is amazing. How do you usually go about creating your art? Do you have a program and/or special tool and techniques you use?
priteeboy Featured By Owner May 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have several. Though the two "main" ones are Vue and Photoshop. I often use both for nearly everything I do (except characters which are Photoshop-only)
Omnikrystal Featured By Owner May 19, 2015
Maykiie Featured By Owner May 11, 2015  New member Hobbyist General Artist
like ur pics!

do u use a drawpad for ur Art?
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Yes, most of it anyway =p
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You're welcome. B-) (Cool)  Your art here is amazing & looks awesome. Loved browsing your gallery
and would like to see your future work. Your images make me want to just stare at it all day.
Favorited more than I wanted to.Woohooooo!  You are skilled. Glad to have found your artwork. Ninja meditate before battle... 
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