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Been drawing almost daily since I was a toddler, I tried digital for the first time in 2001 but didn't adopt it as a serious and regular medium until coming here and working harder at it in 2006. I have invested thousands of hours and dollars in this hobby just in the past few years alone - please don't steal what I've dedicated everything I have to perfecting :police:

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Over the past week or so you have probably been getting a lot of "My deviantART story" journals from other people you watch, maybe you have even made one yourself. But for thos eout of the loop it's is all in celebration of deviantART's 14th birthday which passed recently. 14 is old even for a cat! let alone a website. We should really be grateful it even lasted that long, still standing after the invasion of the Harry Potter crowd, the Naruto fans and more recently - the Bronies. And think of this - the youngest members of this site (who actually have abided by the minimum age rule :evileye:) weren't even born yet when deviantART celebrated it's 1st birthday, which I'm sure the majority of us missed, since I don't know what you were doing in 2001 - but me, definitley not spending a great deal of time on the internet, seeing how my family only got it the previous year. And so we were like cavemen discovering the wheel for the first time (by wheel, I mean that wheel of dial-up cable we had :rofl:)

But while many people have talked about how dA has influenced them and helped them grow as an artist, I could have sworn I had done that in another journal already. So I'm going to talk about life before. deviantART, which now seems so foreign and long ago to me that it almost feels like trying to recollect what it was like before being born. Until I remembered this:

What I Drew Before dA by priteeboy

While I have reflected on my pre-dA days "artwork" multiple times since joining this site back in 2006, I for some reason scanned a (very) small sampling of them for one reason or another a while back with the intention of uploading here, maybe because I felt like starting a meme, or remaking some. I can't remember. But they're here now and tell an interesting story of what my art was like before dA kicked me in my shiny metal ass and said "try harder!" :shakefist:

A lot had changed in my artistic life around the time I joined dA, some of it was already in the workds before hearing about this site but was finally sped up by the act of joining. For starters by the time I joined dA I had only been using digital software for a few years (Paint Shop Pro 6 =p) it was still second to my traditional works back then but I saw more potential in it when I saw what better digital artists were doing, some only as old as I was back when I came here. I'll be blunt and say I dropped traditional media altogether. By that point it had become a bit boring to me anyway and I saw more career potential in digital media. But still, there was a time before people here knew I even existed where I spent most of my afternoons painting (and most of my class-time doodling :shh:)

It was innocent fun, not being on any art websites meant my only competition at the time was in school, and even with those drawings I managed to top the class. I drew purely for fun and wasn't all that concerned about improving as long as I remained unrivalled at school. It was a blessing anbd a curse, a blessing because art was the only thing I stood out for back then, I was average to sucky at everything else and not popular enough to get away with it with simple charisma either. But a curse because competition forces artistic growth in the same way trees grow faster when there's other trees around competing for the same resources, and no competition meant very slow growth for me. That's why I oftenb say I grew more as an artist in one year of using dA than I did in five years beforehand. So thank you dA for helping me suck less as an artist :handshake:


Matthew Attard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Throughout my life I have always been a very visual and creative person. So developing an interest in art was practically in the bag, starting out traditionally for many years as I grew up and then converting to digital since I favoured that more. I've had very little professional training particularly in 2D, much of which I have just picked up through my own self experimentation. I learned some remedial 3D skills from a course though, But I'll always know more about 2D and don't consider myself to be a "true" 3D artist, often my 3D is mixed with 2D for maximum effect.
I take a shine to anything that looks interesting, probably why I see such fascination in the natural world. But I even get inspired by games or fashion etc in regards to character drawings especially, That's where the whole Final fantasy/Japanese love comes in!

I'm usually a hobbyist artist for most of the time as I do not work for any studio's or companies. I do commissioned works as the offers come (I can be e-mailed regarding that) But nothing beats doing art for your own personal enjoyment!

If off-dA viewers wish to contact me regarding commissions, features etc, e-mail me at:


Rockstar Jacket Compilation by priteeboy
Rockstar Jacket Compilation
Well it took long long enough (like, two years) but I finally managed to find someone online who could help me realize my earlier Rockstar Leather Jacket Design submitted in 2012. I'm actually surprised the search took so long, guess custom-made leather jackets aren't particularly a high demand product :paranoid:

Since the first image I submitted, some change shad been made before I sent it off, mostly for the sake of practicality, such as sticking with only one set of cuff-belts around the arms instead of two, removing the shoulder chains and a couple of other less-necessary details too. But it remains at least 90% true to the original design of which had various different sources of inspiration - I noticed that in games, anime and the music scene I always saw these really cool jackets and I wondered why such a thing was so hard to find for real.

Admittedly, now that I've seen it in real life (it does look nicer in person than it does in these rather unflattering photo's) there are probably a couple of choices I could have made different. The collar I feel needed to be shorter, that part was inspired by ones I saw on long coats rather than jackets and so probably was best left to those. The colour is a tad off-red, by my own request that is (I asked for Cherry red, which certainly looks pretty, but perhaps a more traditional red may have done the design more justice) and something tells me that spikes may have looked cooler than studs :plotting: So one could say this is somewhat of a "prototype". However a prototype can only be called that if there's the possibility of more to be made of which will appears slightly different, and so far this is just a once-off thing I bought for my own satisfaction and not a line of new clothing items that will be for sale.

However, while this particular jacket still remains in a very new state (only worn for these photo's so far, and still has that new car jacket smell) I may even consider selling this one to anyone interested that offers a realistic offer ;) So I can claim back some of my expenditures and perhaps get a second, slightly different one made which will be the final design and I might even then consider making it available via The Jacket Maker (the place that did this one for me) which is something they offered but I turned down (I was not sure if I was going to get paid for any of my designs sold...probably should have asked that though) But so far this one is the first of it's kind :bow:

Note: Keep in mind I'm only the designer of this jacket, not the maker. Maker's did a damn fine job though 8-)
Party Planets by priteeboy
Party Planets
So this was supposed to be my New Year's submission, but now that a week has passed, who cares? :giggle: Oh well, it was a busy holiday period for me and didn't even get started on it until the last day of the year. Plus several changes of mine also threw me back, as did a long render time. But it was all worth it even if late since I haven't seen anything like this before and figured wouldn't it be cool to see it :plotting:

At first I was just going to fill the balloons with all kinds of space phenomena - including galaxies and nebulae too. But somehow I liked choosing more solid-looking objects for them instead, so I went with the contents of the Solar System plus a few other things to fill up some of the extras (after all, I had to have 15 balloons in celebration of this year :party:) The balloons and some other things were modelled in Cinema 4D, everything was textured and rendered in Vue using my own textures as usual and there was a little postwork on some of them in Photoshop to compensate for certain effects that were just not practical to try and replicate in 3D.

Artwork made and copyrighted by me. Please do not use, modify or sell my images without my permission Blogs and features about my work are OK and credit is appreciated.

If you could have an unlimited supply of any of these common needs, which would you pick? (Money isn't an option) 

178 deviants said :popcorn: Food - No more grocery shopping! Just don't get too fat.
122 deviants said :painter: Art Supplies - Create all you want! Never run out of materials (or software upgrades)
66 deviants said :house: Home Services - Have someone else clean your place, maintain your yard, fix your plumbing, etc.
65 deviants said :sprint: Fuel - Drive all you want with no expensive pit-stops!
64 deviants said :typerhappy: Internet - So long outside world!
43 deviants said :strong: Memberships - Full & Free access to your favourite sites, Magazines, Clubs, Gyms, etc.
43 deviants said :liquisoft: Water - Hooray! Long showers and a greener lawn for me!
33 deviants said :lightbulb: Electricity - Now I CAN leave all the lights on!
22 deviants said :flirty: Health & Beauty Products - Because looking and feeling good should be free!
21 deviants said :fish: Pet Supplies & Care - Pamper your pooch or cater for your kitty, spoil any pet rotten!


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uxmal750ad Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
Hi.  Been wanting to ask you a quick question.  Since you do such great scenes using Vue and Photoshop (the same programs I work with) I wanted to ask if you knew of any good resources online where I could go to learn more about Vue.  I'm self taught on the program and have learned a great deal over the past year, but I also know that I could be doing soooo much more.  If you know of any good online sources of information that's not too basic but not for an expert either could you pass it along??  Thanks in advance!
priteeboy Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm, I don't know many tutorials that show something about both together either. I also just learned stuff on my own, and only was able to get this far since I've done it for longer (you're doing good for 1 year, but keep in mind I have about 7 ;p)

Most of the best tutorials are usually ones you have to pay for. But I know that this site should have some in the free online video section. Plus there's always Youtube. It's certainly easier to find help now than it was 7 years ago :D
uxmal750ad Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
Oh, I know, there are no easy shortcuts to these sorts of things.  Good tutorials can sure be informative though. Your link looks good and I'll go through what they have.  Thanks and happy rendering!
thanomluk Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
I am a dummy! Thank you very much for the watch I am a dummy! 
priteeboy Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the watchback :XD:
thanomluk Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
You're welcome La la la la 
newyam Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
:happybounce: Hey, I wanted to let you know that your calendar I ordered, arrived a few days ago and I love it! :love: Fantastic work :)
priteeboy Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome! It feels like Christmas when something ordered online arrives :squee: Glad you liked it!
newyam Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2014
I know right? :P
UriahGallery Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Professional Photographer
Thank you for the :llama:!

-Jonathan Uriah Denney
Nature and Wildlife Photographer  - 
Davidmonteiro Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2014  Hobbyist Interface Designer
8legs Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
A True Artist you are. Thank-you for taking us along into your worlds of beauty and wonderment if only the real world could be so. Soon our American holiday---Thanksgiving will be upon us. I look around this country and yet I see so much that could be blessing, but the politicians, bigots, and haters of all spread their poison on us and cause much sadness and unhappiness. At least through your presentations, I can be whisked off to another world where such things as hate and its associated ideals never grow, instead I can experience otherwise tranquil or exciting worlds. Thank-you for sharing that theatre of possibility in your work.
priteeboy Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe we need a perfect world from a perfect creator :giggle: There's no room for hate or anger or filth in the places I create. Too much of that on the news already. It's too bad artwork centered around such topics is considered more...well, "artsy" than anything positive though. But even knowing that I like to focus my creations on the things I like, it's an escape for me too :D
BluecrownStudios Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the llama!  Absolutely love your artwork!
BlueIcyEyes Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist
Thank you very much for the llama!
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