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Been drawing almost daily since I was a toddler, I tried digital for the first time in 2001 but didn't adopt it as a serious and regular medium until coming here and working harder at it in 2006. I have invested thousands of hours and dollars in this hobby just in the past few years alone - please don't steal what I've dedicated everything I have to perfecting :police:

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I guess I need to remove that birthday journal off my page with this, otherwise it will probably be there until Christmas. And so the deviantART questionnaire as suggested by their recent news celebrating the 15th birthday of the site that literally changed my life, and so many others. The site I had no idea even existed during the first six years of its life but oh how I wish I did (but I suppose not being here when I was 13 would have saved me from embarrassing myself, and from blowing a fuse because of how slow the internet was back in 2001 :phew:) That site that came before Facebook yet everytime I try explaining it to people I have to say "it's like Facebook, but for artists, BUT IT WAS AROUND BEFORE FACEBOOK!!!" :shakefist: So on with the questions since I do like talking about me :plotting:

1) How long have you been on DeviantArt?
Nine years. Now THAT'S commitment! But much like my interest in drawing, nature, astronomy, and guys with spikey anime hair - I'm in it for the long term.

2) What does your username mean?
It means I'm more self-conscious about my appearance than I let on. It means I admire the sight of a pretty-boy, fictional or real, and it means my first choice of names were already taken and this is the best my 16 year old self could come up with on the spot.

3) Describe yourself in three words
Passionate, Idealist and a little bit Cynical.

4) Are you left or right handed?
Right, perhaps the only thing I have in common with the common man.

5) What was your first deviation?
This.... thing:
Matt by priteeboy Though to be fair, that wasn't the best of my ability even then. It was just something I did one afternoon while I was bored and on a computer that didn't have anything better than MS Paint. But I kept it anyway simply because it was the first and I felt I needed something that matched my username. Funny - I'd never wear that stuff now, and I have never been that tanned, and that smartass crab still follows me around.

6) What is your favourite type of art to create?
Digital art, in the form of digital paintings and 3D (often I use both together). I used to do traditional art way back, but coming to dA sealed my preference for digital. I draws what I likes, and that involves pretty scenery, space and hot guys mostly. Here's an example of each:
Parrots in Palms by priteeboy Final Privacy by priteeboy Half Star by priteeboy

7) If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
I wish I could draw people and that semi-realism stuff as quickly and easily as a lot of people here do it. But I invested most of my critical growth time into drawing scenes rather than people.

8) What was your first favourite?
Easily remembered. Went and found it in just 20 seconds, here it is
Nexus by Burning-Liquid Made a great impression on me at the time... "How does he doooo thaaaaat!"

9) What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Uuummm... I can explain...
Cloud by sakimichan

Mature Content

Get F*cked by Bobo-Kitty

Mature Content

Tangled Sheets Devil by croaky
Robert by Aede-chanSilver Haired Smexyness by km-jakouArt Trade: Kernel by InnervalueAwakens the fight by feimo

10) Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Going by number of artworks of theirs I've faved and nothing else, sakimichan Wins with 16, and I think JoeyJazz comes second with 12. These numbers aren't big, but I don't fave generously, so yeah...

11) If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Probably either K-Koji or Themrock since I find talking to them/commenting their work to be just as interesting as their work itself, if not - even more. These are two minds I think share a lot of similarities to mine, even though their respective art styles are vastly different. Might also add Bowser81889 since he always has something deep and interesting to say about everything I upload (sorry to embarrass ya!)

12) How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I'd say the one who helped me out the most would be nukeation He doesn't use dA anymore, but if he see's this by any chance then at least he can know he wasn't forgotten by an aspiring Vue user at the time willing to learn how to really crack into this amazing software from someone who was a rare combination of really knowing what they were doing, yet didn't feel too important to answer the questions of those who asked. He even helped pay for me to upgrade my horribly dated version of the software I was using at the time since he was eager to teach me about all the features of the newer version he could tell I was pining for - but couldn't afford. Vue is a relatively obscure thing on dA, and finding pro-level users of it who are actually willing to help out are rarer still. Glad I knew this guy before he went off to do his own thing.

13) What are your preferred tools to create art?
Photoshop is the critical one I use in everything to some extent. Vue is also highly significant and sometimes I use Cinema 4D too. The three together often result in my best works.

14) What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Like I have much choice at the moment - my computer desk in the living room. Preferrably when the distractions of family aren't around so I can just chill out, listen to music and draw.

15) What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
There's three high contenders. The time I got my first Daily Deviation, the Sydney devmeet during the world tour, or the day I got my senior membership. There's a saying I heard once that said "You should go where you are celebrated - not tolerated" - for me, deviantART is that place.


Matthew Attard
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Throughout my life I have always been a very visual and creative person. So developing an interest in art was practically in the bag, starting out traditionally for many years as I grew up and then converting to digital since I favoured that more. I've had very little professional training particularly in 2D, much of which I have just picked up through my own self experimentation. I learned some remedial 3D skills from a course though, But I'll always know more about 2D and don't consider myself to be a "true" 3D artist, often my 3D is mixed with 2D for maximum effect.
I take a shine to anything that looks interesting, probably why I see such fascination in the natural world. But I even get inspired by games or fashion etc in regards to character drawings especially, That's where the whole Final fantasy/Japanese love comes in!

I'm usually a hobbyist artist for most of the time as I do not work for any studio's or companies. I do commissioned works as the offers come (I can be e-mailed regarding that) But nothing beats doing art for your own personal enjoyment!

If off-dA viewers wish to contact me regarding commissions, features etc, e-mail me at:


Across The Universe by priteeboy
Across The Universe
Finally it's time for me to be able to show off a new calendar, after working on this one for months, keeping its artwork in secret the whole time to make sure its fresh and original in the eyes of potential buyers ;) Just like I did before, four years ago (so much for making a new one every 2 years like I promised myself)

Focusing on what I'm best at, this calendar is about hypothetical planets that have the potential to actually exist. I wanted to go far out, but to the point of the impossible or ridiculously unlikely. Having said that,some artistic choices did trump a few scientific ones, but overall I wanted to establish a mood of realism, but also a tribute to the days of traditional sci-fi and space themed artwork which always had an interesting style and equally bizarre concepts :)

There was supposed to be a Flash presentation for this just like there was for the last one, but that fell through. Another way to view the artwork inside so you know what you're getting is to click "buy print" (don't worry, you won't actually buy it unless you follow all the further prompts, you'll just be taken to the shop page) the months will be listed below, just click the month to see the artwork for it.

You may also like This one:
Solar Scapes - 2016 calendar by priteeboy

All artwork featured in the calender is made by me and copyrighted. Please do not use, modify or sell my artwork without my permission
Nebulous Nightmares by priteeboy
Nebulous Nightmares
A solar eclipse was often considered to be a harbinger of doom, and after several false alarms it seems that one day the sun disappeared and never came back, as star-hungry "Pillars of Destruction" with red eyes and black hearts had claimed their next target :fear:

Anyway, it's Halloween time again, hence the spooky themed art. I'll admit I did have something entirely different planned but I ran out of time and so that one can wait 'till next year. But I realized I haven't done a space-themed artwork for the holiday yet, even though Christmas now has received two. Coming up with ideas was hard, from pumpkin-shaped planets to... well, that actually was the only other idea I had :slow: Then I remembered how often I've had nightmares over the course of my life, especially while younger that involves eerie ghostly, shadowy forms, vaguely resembling sickly human figures with no discernible facial features or even proper "heads" - sometimes eyes were represented by dim red lights and nothing more. I've always found such forms to be more intimidating than typical "TV/movie ghosts/demons" which are still too human-like to me. My idea of a nightmare-inducing supernatural presence has always been somewhat more organic and alien-like in form, and the eerie formations of the famous "pillars of creation" photo seemed to translate into this form very easily in my mind :idea:

Artwork made and copyrighted by myself. Please do not redistribute, sell or modify my images without my permission

If you could have an unlimited supply of any of these common needs, which would you pick? (Money isn't an option) 

211 deviants said :popcorn: Food - No more grocery shopping! Just don't get too fat.
157 deviants said :painter: Art Supplies - Create all you want! Never run out of materials (or software upgrades)
75 deviants said :sprint: Fuel - Drive all you want with no expensive pit-stops!
72 deviants said :house: Home Services - Have someone else clean your place, maintain your yard, fix your plumbing, etc.
71 deviants said :typerhappy: Internet - So long outside world!
53 deviants said :strong: Memberships - Full & Free access to your favourite sites, Magazines, Clubs, Gyms, etc.
52 deviants said :liquisoft: Water - Hooray! Long showers and a greener lawn for me!
39 deviants said :lightbulb: Electricity - Now I CAN leave all the lights on!
31 deviants said :flirty: Health & Beauty Products - Because looking and feeling good should be free!
27 deviants said :fish: Pet Supplies & Care - Pamper your pooch or cater for your kitty, spoil any pet rotten!


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DH000-RABOTNIK Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I am a traveller, wandering through a void.

And then I hit something.
GlamRockBuckaroo Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015  New Deviant
I just got through browsing through your gallery, and I am astounded at the breadth and range of your talent!  I LOVE your leather jacket designs, and I would ADORE seeing you design a total studded leather outfit--not just the jacket, but pants and boots as well!

May I make one tiny little suggestion?  Whenever your schedule permits, why not separate your deviations into different "sub-galleries" (i.e., one for leather designs, one for tornadoes, etc.), to make it easier for fans like me to zero in on those they are specifically interested in.

As it happens, I am also a tornado freak; in fact, I've been a volunteer storm spotter here in the US for 6 years now, and I'm constantly trying to learn more!  I'm also WAY into vintage style cowboy fashion(ala Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, et al.), 80's glam rock fashion, 90's glam metal, and muscle pictures, so it seems to me we'd have a LOT in common!

It's almost 2 AM here as I write this, so I need to log off and get some sleep.  In the meantime, here's a handshake across the oceans, and I hope we can exchange lots of ideas in time to come!  Take care and God bless!
priteeboy Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the great compliment. I do sometimes think about designing more glam/metal inspired outfits later on. But I'm trying to keep the ratio's balanced so those who watch me for other stuff don't get bored. Also - if I design too many I'll probably spend a fortune getting them all made. Pants would be fun to try out, and as for boots - I love boots, but I think New Rock has already done better than I can in that area :XD:

The sub-galleries I have now are indeed outdated. I set them up years ago and just kept putting anything I uploaded into "whichever one fits most" ever since. probably because I did fewer different things back then. That is part of my spring cleaning regime I've been doing on and off over the past few months, starting with my own files on my computer and then later moving onto my dA account to make it make a little easier for those to pick out the ones they actually want to see. But I'm saving that stuff for last :work:

I like glam rock fashion, never heard of 90's glam metal though :O_o: But if it's anything like this… Then cont me in (I don't know who that guy is, but I like his outfit :D)
GlamRockBuckaroo Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  New Deviant
That's very much what what I'm talking about--although, if I were the one doing a picture like that, I'd cut out the spikes and add a LOT more chains (less threatening that way)!  (BTW, just where DID you get your jacket made, and--if you don't mind my asking--how much did it cost?)

I should mention that I'm more of a writer than an artist as such (in fact, I can't even draw a straight line, much to my disappointment!)  I've posted a number of stories relating to glam rock and extreme muscle at The Evolution Forum ( under the pen names of GlamRockCowboy and GlamLeatherPunk.    Look 'em up and let me know what you think!
priteeboy Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Only problem with chains is they can get caught on stuff, and if they "break" then it would ruin the look of the whole jacket :hmm: The one I had made was expensive, around $600 :crazy: I got it done by these guys I suppose they were pretty good, their customer service was good, they used real leather and offered free shipping. But I probably won't be getting another one from then again since it still didn't come out exactly as I hoped, not enough to justify that expense anyway :hmm: But maybe I'm just picky :p
(1 Reply)
BonumNox Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Student General Artist

Darn it...I had forgotten your username but I was trying to show you off for my class but I just couldn't remember! I am so glad you submitted today! It was really messing with me that I couldn't remember! I was staring at the screen with a constant headache trying to remember.

".....pretty boy. Australian..awesome land scapes...awesome work. "

So I'm bookmarking you for the next time I have to show off an artist to my class. Thank you so much for submitting today.
priteeboy Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah, I remember the days of showing off some of my favourite user's galleries to my class, very little work got done, especially if we decided to look up our favourite fan-art :lol:

But good timing, since that was the first thing I was able to upload in 2 months :faint: I'm still in the midst of cleaning up my PC and updating all of my old stuff, I only temporarily took a break to make something for Halloween, so that will probably be it for a while now =p
BonumNox Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Student General Artist
Oh no! This would have been for an actual presentation assignment. I had to choose an artist and show their web site.

We would present the artist as if we were their agent. Then we would say what we did and didn't like about their website.

It was nice seeing some of your work after two months though. C: when ever you post again I will look forward to it.
anne1956 Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for asking to put my deviation Winter by anne1956  

in your group. It's a great honour for me. Thanks again.
Shadow-Ninjitsu Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2015  New Deviant
Thanks for the llama
ScarsFromMyPastLife Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, someone posted your work to imgur.

Thought I should let you know in case you want it taken down from there. 
priteeboy Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could have sworn I was told about that yesterday :O

It;'s annoying, but I think that's just a reblogging site where people just talk about cool stuff they found. I'm not seeing any immediate harm in that as no-one's trying to profit off it or claim it as their own. But indeed if you can get them to credit me, that would be nice (only if you have an account there though, I don't,m and I wouldn't expect anyone else to make an account just for that either)
tabbydragon14 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015
Thanks for the llama!
Solarstormflare Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the llama! Your art is really cool!
Taran13573794 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  New Deviant
I'm sorry I never get around to responding to your responses to my comments. :( I just want you to know that I always enjoy talking to you and I'll try harder to reply to your comments from now on.

As part of my apology, I have given you a llama badge and a velvet cake:


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